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  • The reaction kettle temperature、Corrosion resistance is poor,Production capacity is low
  • Product discharge is slow、There are residual
  • Product fixed and single
  • Heating up slowly
  • Delivery speed is slow
  • Energy consumption is not environmental protection
  • Quality guaranteed,After insecurity
    “Show certificates”—— Safe
    24Hours to provide you with all the product technical support and after-sales service
    Thai chemical machinery 4The big advantage
    Tai Song Mechanics 4 major advantages
    To provide you with high standards、Personalization、Advanced quality assured products
    Technical level
    • Brand products,Species diversity
    • Committed to the oil、Chemical industry、Coatings、The paint、The development of pharmaceutical industry equipment、Development,Seiko production reaction kettle、Scattered、Grinding、Emulsification、Kneading, etc. Series hundreds of varieties,The company has a professional engineering and technical personnel and experienced production technicians。
    Brand influence
    • The products sell well all over the country,Some products are exported to foreign countries,Was welcomed by the majority of users and praise!
    • 2018Years8Month,Mixer series products are exported to South Korea;
    • 2019Years6Month,Mirror lie、Carbon steel lie mix, etc. Products are exported to Italy。
    Private custom
    • Leading technology、Reliable quality、The high quality service。
    • Company products can adapt to different manufacturers in the field of demand,In addition to finalize the design product,The company can be customer's requirements,Research and development of the special equipment,Always adhere to the quality strives for the survival,We sincerely ask you to provide satisfactory products!
    Rest assured after-sales
    • Factory direct sale,Save intermediary link,Let the customer feel real profits。
    • Car logistics,We will always track our factory shipment of each order,Really after。
    Loose mechanism
    Loose mechanism—— National credit enterprise
    Laizhou city Thai pine chemical machinery co., LTDLocated in the beautiful and rich bohai bay,National rewarded——Laizhou city,Here scenery charming、Economic prosperity。Yantai、Qingdao、Weifang city,Weifang diesel smoke high speed、Lai dragon railway、206National highway,Laizhou port of each berth,Throughout north and south, east and west,The traffic is very convenient,Advantageous geographical position。Is a culture、Tourism、Coastal open cities in the development of modernization。
    Professional is committed to electric heating kneading machine、Electric heating reaction kettle、Zero gravity mixing machine、Colter mixer、Horizontal mixer、Really stone paint mixing tank、The double helix cone mixer、Horizontal sand mill、High-speed dispersion machine、Stainless steel reaction kettle is developed、Development、Production,The company has a professional engineering and technical personnel and experienced production technicians。Compact mechanical products、Quality is stable、Strong adaptability,To meet the needs of different manufacturers。In addition to the perennial production finalize the design product,At the request of manufacturers,Research and development of the special equipment,LTD than complex。Products sell well in shandong、Hebei、Hubei、In hunan province、Guangdong、Jiangsu、Anhui province、Zhejiang etc all over the country,Some products are exported to foreign countries,Was welcomed by the majority of users and praise。  Corporate philosophy:Began in customer demand,Finally customer satisfaction
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    Knowledge of the industry
    The application range of the mixing machine:Industry engineering adhesives;RTVSilicone rubber-Used in silicone rubber(Silicone sealant、Acidity glass glue)...
    Stainless steel reaction kettle is widely used in chemical industry,Due to the corrosive medium,Reaction conditions,Such as hot and cold,Transportation,Use and human problem...
    Horizontal sand mill need lubrication on a regular basis to maintain a good working conditions,The choice of lubricating oil needs processing on the surface of the technical requirements,Horizontal sand mill material...
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